<%@LANGUAGE="JAVASCRIPT" CODEPAGE="65001"%> Fiber Optic Certification
Fiber Optic International - The Path to Success

Hands-On Requirements

Proper use of tools for fiber preparation

Perform 2 types of termination with ST and SC connectors using both Epoxy Type and Epoxyless Type connectors

Perform correct fusion splice

Perform correct  mechanical splice

Operate a Power Meter and Light Source to include performing an Acceptance Test (with corresponding documentation), End to End Test and a Loop Back Test

Operate an OTDR (with either Multimode or Singlemode Fiber) and correctly identify Dead Zone/Recovery Area, Mechanical and Fusion Splices, Ghosting/Echoes, Fiber Breaks and Fiber Ends

Operate an OTDR to correctly perform a 2-point measurement of a Splice and End to End

Need to find a hands-on training facility ?

Google the words "fiber optic training" at a location near you.

Fiber Optic International must verify compliance with our requirements, so contact us before enrolling in the course.

 Documentation of experience or hands-on training must be on company letterhead. Fiber Optic International will review all documentation to verify compliance